Community anaerobic digestion projects

Collective projects implicating industrials, farmers, local governments, integrated within a territory to offer a sustainable tool for recycling waste and decentralized energy production.

What is community anaerobic digestion?

Community anaerobic digestion concerns projects where waste is collected from multiple sources over an entire community.

The main goal is to generate an economic activity through organic waste treatment and the sale of renewable energy. The type of waste treated is often more diversified than for agricultural AD projects: waste from farms, the food industry, unsold food products, whether they are expired or damaged, green waste, sewage plant sludge from municipal or industrial plants….

Benefits of Community anaerobic digestion projects

Community projects present numerous benefits, for example:

  • treatment of biodegradable waste and co-products produced by the community
  • production of renewable energy contributing to the community’s energetic independence
  • the conservation and creation of a non-relocatable activity
  • an alternative to fossil fertilizers

Above all, by multiplying the scale and means compared to an individual project, a community project allows large scale savings concerning investments and operating expenses.

Independent guidance for the achievement of your project

Often more complex than individual projects, community AD projects require specialized skills and availability. Moreover, community projects often include additional technology: waste deconditioning units, digestate treatment units, landscaping, odour treatment, etc…

Independent from any constructor or equipment manufacturer, LEDJO Energie will guide you all through the development of your project.

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