Custom made projects, adapted to the farm scale

What is anaerobic digestion on a farm?

Anaerobic digestion on a farm is a project backed by one or several farmers who decide to diversify their activity by developing a biogas project.

The types of input waste used in these projects are largely based on the effluent and by-products derived directly from agricultural activity of the project leader and possibly his close neighbours.

Benefits for the farmers

Anaerobic digestion is particularly interesting for farmers as it allows:

Economically speaking:

  • diversification of the farmer’s sources of revenue
  • reduction of mineral fertilizer consumption
  • possible heat consumption autonomy in a context of rising fossil fuel costs

Environmentally speaking:

  • treatment of biodegradable waste and co-products
  • reduction of odour due to storage and land application of livestock effluents
  • production of a high agronomic quality digestate
  • the reduction of pathogens and weeds compared to the spreading of raw materials

Socially speaking:

  • an improvement of the company’s image ( green energy consumption, recycling…)
  • increased energetic independence
  • the conservation and creation of a non-relocatable activity
  • the development of new activities : industrial tourism, touristic or educational routes on renewable energies for example.


Dedicated support for your project

Administrative obligations, studies and design choices resulting in the energetic and economic performance of the unit, investments which remain costly... the success of an agricultural anaerobic digestion project is a long and complex process , that needs to be well advised and accompanied.

Independent from any constructor or equipment manufacturer, LEDJO Energie will follow your project from the pre-study phase to the realization of your installation, especially for:

  • technical and economic feasibility studies
  • obtaining funding and grants
  • tax records/ operating permits
  • construction permits
  • procedure for connection to the electricity network

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