Contract Management

Define and verify compliance with contractual obligations between the client and the various stakeholders in the project

Contract management’s main goals are:

La mission de contract management a pour objectifs principaux de :

  • To advise you in the selection and to conduct of administrative procedures related to the project
  • Advocate procurement arrangements necessary for the proper execution of the project
  • To check the consistency between the obligations in contract clauses that are the responsibility of the customer and the various suppliers / contractors / suppliers and their subcontractors.
  • To identify the risks and propose adequate coverage measures
  • To identify, evaluate and manage risks and opportunities to improve market performance and propose the corresponding amendments
  • Collect and monitor contract files , including modifications, any changes and amendments to contracts
  • Assist the client in managing the penalties file and their impact
  • Analyse disputes
  • Certify all required statements related to insurance and public authorities

This assistance mission is organized into three major phases in the life of the project:

1- Contract elaboration phase

This phase is crucial as it lays the foundations of the contractual relationship between the client and the various stakeholders in the project. LEDJO Energie carries out the following tasks:

  • Study, analysis and expertise of the project
  • Definition of contract strategy
  • Assistance in the preparation of contracts and, where appropriate, exchanges with specialized law firms involved in the project
  • Support of the project management team in negotiating contracts, particularly for obtaining contractual guarantees
  • Risk analysis on reciprocal contractual obligations
  • Support of the client in the development of insurance records and financing
2- Operating phase

This phase consists in :

  • Collect and establish a works contract file for each of the companies selected by the customer - suppliers and subcontractors
  • Providing assistance to monitor the construction works, including:
    • Participation in the management of project risks
    • Follow the additional costs of the project and propose strategies taking into account the budgetary constraints
    • Prepare contractual correspondence and advice for each site meeting
    • Monitor, record and report changes to the reference contract documents
    • Ensure compliance with contractual obligations of the parties
    • Evaluate and negotiate costs claims and / or extra time
    • Establish meeting progress reports
3 - Implementation Phase

After the successful project, LEDJO Energie deals with:

  • Monitoring the delivery of the installation and associated obligations
  • Participating in market closings
  • Assisting project management in possible claims and any disputes