Operating permit Audit

Appraise the Operating Permit

Operators and project managers can call on the expertise of LEDJO Energie as part of an expansion project or development that would lead to a substantial change in the ICPE.

This audit is also required prior to any decision to invest in a project or grant / guarantee a loan. This is particularly the case for funding agencies - OSEO (now BPI), banks and private financiers - who want to ensure the feasibility of a biogas project from a regulatory perspective.

The audit conducted by LEDJO Energie includes the following:
  • Renewal of applicable regulatory context
  • Prioritization and actions of priority levels set up under the applicable regulations
  • Study of the identified gaps and proposed actions applicable for coherence with the regulations in force

The design of the biogas project is analysed and compared to the regulations to identify potential barriers to the development and the future evolution of the project.

Two types of actions are proposed by LEDJO Energie:

  • Design changes: minor or major
  • Administrative changes: minor or major