Due Diligence

Assisting you in your investment project

LEDJO Energie can assist you in elaborating a co-investment, acquisition or disposal of a biogas project through all stages from market study and technology selection.

For your investment projects

Due to its recognized experience in the field of project development, LEDJO Energie assists you in the optimisation of your investment and funding decisions, by guiding in the following steps:

  • Research and selection of potential investors
  • Evaluation of technical positioning
  • Market study
  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment
For selling your assets

LEDJO Energie can help companies how wish to open their capital or transfer part of the projects in their possession by the realization of a vendor due diligence.

This due diligence, specific to sellers, highlights the potential risks linked to the transaction, prior to the sale. An important part of the purchasers’ possible questions is thereby anticipated.

An expert perspective, dedicated to your project’s success

As a middle man between the different companies involved (developers, investors, banks), LEDJO Energie offers customized solutions to see your project through.

Our due diligences are based on the review of the entire company’s documentation and, if necessary, on an inventory of the various projects it develops.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Technical Risk Analysis , legal and insurance- company
  • Market analysis and competition
  • Study of the growth potential of the target
  • Audit of the various projects of the target
    • Site analysis ,supply analysis, selection of equipment and manufacturer guarantees
    • Real estate management
    • Validation and implementation of the business plan and financial valuation of projects
    • Risk Analysis insurance

After these phases of analysis, we are able to provide you a detailed report allowing you to decide whether the target is worthwhile or not. Our identification of various risks also allows us to define the conditions precedent to the investment.