Project audit

Let us assess your project to ease your decision making

Completing a biogas project is long and complex and requires many skills. During the various stages of the project, close monitoring of the risks that could question its present and future development is necessary. LEDJO Energie regularly carries out assessments to help decision making during the development and operating phases, for example in the case of a considerable evolution, a down payment, an acquisition or property transfer.

Personalised studies included in LEDJO Energie’s services deal with:

  • Supply Plan Analysis for fermentable materials
  • Technology Assessment
  • Energy production and energy efficiency validation for the processes involved
  • Analysis of the regulatory context
  • Identification of potential obstacles
  • Proposals for corrective action
  • Contractual framework analysis of the project
    • Input supply contracts
    • Construction contracts
    • Digestate recovery contracts
  • Identification of contractual risks and potential solutions
  • Analysis of projected revenue and expenses
  • Validation of economic indicators
  • Study of the financing plan
  • Second opinion on business plans
  • Financial modelling Audit
  • Overall risk analysis (financial, operational…)
  • Identification of risks in project process
  • Proposed changes to strategies in place
  • Reconciliation of project performance with risk management