Administrative procedures

Saving time and efficiency in the implementation of administrative procedures

We can compile on your behalf all the necessary elements for the administrative structure of your project, in order to obtain the necessary authorizations.

We ensure and monitor the building permit with your architect as well as the Classified Installation for the Protection of the Environment license.

In the case of a project subject to the ICPE declaration scheme, our teams directly handle the request. Energy connection records (Electric Injection, Gas Connection) are also taken care of by LEDJO Energie.

Building Permit support

From the plans, drawings, sketches, made by companies, LEDJO Energie compiles all the data necessary for the development of the Building Permit by the architect or project manager selected for your project.

LEDJO Energie assists the project manager so that the Building Permit folder of your project is in line with the information provided by the various companies and with the regulations on biogas projects (taking into account safety distances, fire hazard measures...).

LEDJO Energie’s services include the following:

  • Data collection from different companies
  • Support for communication between you, the selected architect and the various construction companies involved
  • Assistance provide to the architect on compliance with regulatory arrangements to put in place.

LEDJO Energie car also assist you with electricity and biomethane connection and purchase agreements