Site and works supervision

Effectively assist and represent the client during the construction and commissioning

LEDJO Energie can ensure the proper implementation of the previously defined construction program of the project and limit any possible additional costs.

Before beginning construction, LEDJO Energie assists the client to elaborate the contract binding him to the chosen manufacturer. Once the administrative authorizations are obtained, construction can begin. LEDJO Energie then provides contracting owner support for site management and to monitor the necessary tests and trial runs.

Educated and independent advice for contract management with construction companies

LEDJO Energie advises you in the selection and conduct of administrative procedures related to the completion of your project. We define with you the contracting strategy to implement.

We can also assist you with the preparation of contracts and, where appropriate, deal with law firms involved in your project.

We will pay particular attention to any guarantees that need to be defined: definition of delay fees, security deposits, or performance guarantees...

A risk analysis will be carried out so that you can take the full measure of the commitments you are about to make.

Close monitoring during the construction period

We provide you with a compilation and monitoring of contract files throughout the duration of the project. This monitoring will help to manage changes and possible amendments to contract.

Thus, throughout construction, LEDJO Energie:

  • Participates in project risk management
  • Follows project cost overruns and proposes strategies taking into account the budgetary restrictions
  • Prepares the contractual correspondence and advice for each on-site meeting
  • Monitors, records and notifies changes to contractual documents
  • Ensures compliance with contractual obligations
  • Evaluates and negotiates cost estimates and / or time extensions

We ensure also that all mandatory declarations relating to insurance and public authorities are made.

Assistance up until the full implementation of your project

The assistance that we offer can continue until your biogas plant reaches full capacity.

We offer to:

  • Monitor the delivery of the installation and associated obligations
  • Participate in market closings
  • Assist you in project management for possible claims or any disputes