Training Programs

A personalised answer to the needs of project leaders and training organisations

The development of anaerobic digestion projects requires particular expertise and multiple skills: in waste treatment, energy recovery, contract management, effluent treatment and recycling, agronomic management… Accordingly, training project managers, developers and all personnel involved in an anaerobic digestion project is necessary.

With its many lessons learned since its creation in 2007 and its independence towards constructors and equipment manufacturers, LEDJO Energie assists training organizations and people designated to act on biogas.

Personalised training programs

LEDJO Energie offers personalised training programs. We can assist you from the definition of your training needs to the elaboration of your training programs. Training courses can include tours of one or more biogas plants depending on the training location.

Why choose LEDJO Energie?

LEDJO Energie creates and undertakes personalised training programs, designed to meet the project manager or training organizations’ needs. To that end, LEDJO Energie provides expert and qualified trainers who have significant experience and feedback in the areas of biogas, project management and group training / animation.

Areas of expertise

Today LEDJO Energie deals with the following training themes:

  • Agricultural , industrial and community anaerobic digestion
  • Low, medium, and high power anaerobic digestion
  • Anaerobic digestion project development
  • Project funding
  • Description of bioenergy (especially for schools and universities)