Supply Plan

Supply plan study for fermentable co-products

The energetic performance and agronomic quality of the digestate depend on the quality as well as the quantity of the waste treated. Each material must therefore be characterized (quantity, quality, seasonality, supplying conditions, cost…) and analysed in a laboratory to establish its methanogen potential and harmlessness.

The challenge is to optimize the performance of the … Thus we have to identify the co-products on your land and all that can be brought on site within a range of 20 km, or up to 40 km for high methanogen potential products. However, it’s important to distinguish quantity from methane production capacity, and not to neglect the impact of transport on the profitability and acceptability of the project.

The services we provide for you

You can commission us to establish the fermentable substances that can be used for the project. We will provide a very complete study on the co-products available for anaerobic digestion in your area. Investigations and interviews with the main producers of the concerned co-products are conducted and we characterize in this manner.